We handle a wide variety of cases in distinct practice areas

Our legal strengths will enable us to effectively defend your most complex cases.

Labour and social security law

We advise and defend both employers and workers

Judicial law (Legal proceedings)

We advise on the rules and practice of civil procedure before the courts

Mining law

We advise on all the rules governing the exploitation of the subsoil

Insurance law

Insurance law is the branch of law that governs the relationship between policyholders and insurers bound by an insurance contract

Law of securities and obligations

We offer a number of mechanisms to protect, as far as possible, against the risk of non-payment by the debtor

Family and Succession Law (of persons)

We advise on the rules governing the relationships of a group of individuals who are related, married or adopted

Corporate law

We advise on all the legal rules governing the life of companies from their birth to their liquidation

Administrative law

We advise on all the rules defining the rights and obligations of the administration

Banks and Microfinance Institutions

We accompany and advise you in all procedures

Real estate law

We advise on all rights arising from built or unbuilt property

Debt recovery

We support you in debt collection procedures